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UK Politics is Broken.  Who is going to fix it?

Big Ben

If the last couple of years has taught us one thing, it is that our political system is broken.  Both major political parties are divided, parliament refuses to govern itself effectively

and politicians are increasingly chasing select groups of individuals whilst largely ignoring the core voters that they believe they can rely on. One result of this last issue is that the focus is increasingly away from core issues to issues which those who engage in politics from the edge of the acceptable spectrum are interested in - whether that is immigration, punishing success and wealth or obsessing with low taxation.  

Change from the Centre has been set up to stimulate debate about political change, based on centre-ground thinking.  This includes the need for top-to bottom structural change, based on the clear need for Proportional Representation but also a need to refocus so that focus is firmly on core issues like  education, health and social care and especially the need to focus on prevention.

The future of our country will never, ever be built around the rights and wrongs of asylum.  Nor will it be helped by an unjust obsession with punitive taxation on the wealthy.   It will be built on an innovative economy, excellent public services and a focus on "right taxation" rather than "low taxation."

Change from the Centre will never pretend that we have a monopoly on right ideas - but we will put forward our ideas and thoughts as way of stimulating public debate and ensuring that change is at the heart of the political agenda in the run up to the next General Election.

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