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An Act of Genius?

The sacking of Suella Braverman was the right thing to do and I suspect everyone who has similar political views to me will welcome the fact that Rishi Sunak has shown some strength.

Hopefully, we will now see a more centre ground Conservative Party. It really is important that the next election is fought from the centre, with a meaningful debate about major domestic issues like housing, devolution and Health & Social Care.

Overall, I am a fan of David Cameron - although I understand that people point to his failure over Brexit. His appointment as Foreign Secretary is a poor, but possibly accurate, statement about the quality of Conservative MPs. However, it might also prove to be an act of genius. David Cameron will have good relations with our European neighbours - where relationships were serioiusly harmed by Boris Johnson's approach to Brexit. Cameron can finish off the job of rebuilding bridges that, to an extent, Sunak had started.


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