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Education Needs Meaningful Reform

I am not radically against Rishi Sunak's supposed plans to make Maths compulsory to the age of 18. I have a couple of concerns, the first being that this may deter some people from higher education. The policy is also unlikely to ever be delivered, given that it won't be implemented until the next parliament. In which case, why not make it part of a manifesto rather than just flying a flag mid-term? It reinforces the view that today's announcement was about getting ahead of Kier Starmer's speech tomorrow rather than anything meaningful

My big concern is that this sort of statement ignores the fact that education needs significant reform rather than just tinkering at the edges. We are basically using the same education system that we have used for over 150 years. Sure, we have tweaked around the edges - mostly playing around with organisation (one of the favourite tricks of Government is to create the impression of reform by changing structures) - yet we have seen advances in technology that, with a bit of thought, could create a highly personalised education system tailored around the individual rather than the needs of the state. There just doesn't seem to be the sort of imagination in Government to think like that.


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