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Starkey Raving Bad

Historian David Starkey Speaking at the National; Conservative Conference
David Starkey

I am not going to repeat David Starkey's comments - they are pretty awful and reflect a number of awful comments he has made in the last few weeks. If you want to read about them - try here. These comments were made at a conference attended by MPs and Ministers from the Conservative Party.

It reinforces a point that a number of ex-Conservative Party members, including Stephen Dorrell and myself have been saying for some time; it is the Conservative Party that left me, not the other way round. For me as a natural centre right Conservative voter - this is why I was made politically homeless and why I believe that political change is needed in order to increase the range of political parties so that extremists like this have a voice, but it is a voice on the political edges rather than one that speaks at a conference supported by people who are senior members of a mainstream party.

I hope it helps people to realise exactly how far the Conservative Party has drifted to the right.


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