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The Times Gets it Right.

Man reading newspaper

It is a shame this is behind the Times' paywall, it is a great article that sets out how complicated our local government structures are, but also how reform and devolution can make them better - citing Germany as an example.

There are ares where I disagree. For example, I don't believe that we need a Royal Commission to decide future structures, I would save that for some of the major issues we need to deal with. For instance, I would hold a Royal Commission to look at the future of Children's Social Care, so that we can learn from overseas amd create a system where children and families who get caught up in our system can genuine;y thrive. Local Government doesn't need that, it just needs some leadership at the top of Government someone who can make commitments and implement necessary change. I talk alot about modern politics being more about followship than leadership, the refusal to do what is needed as fsr as local (and regional) government is concerned is a [erfect example. We have had successive Government's and Prime Ministers for decades talk about the need for better devolution and all of them have failed to deliver it.


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