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Do you want PR Driven by Farage?

Arguably the biggest exponent of PR at the moment is Nigel Farage, who has made some headlines about the topic in the last month or so. It is a sad indictment of our politics that the only way the argument gets any publicity is when it is mentioned by somebody whose politics is, in reality, somewhat distant from the mainstream.

Some of what he says is correct - but much seems to be about a desire to take control of the right wing voters who currently vote Conservative (ironically, many of them used to vote UKIP).

Whilst I do believe that PR would create more political parties and would allow people the opportunity to vote for a party that is much closer to their instincts, the main reason for PR is not that - it is because PR is a far, far better system.

The fact that only Farage's voice is being heard is the reason that mainstream voters need to start making the debate - forcing it into the open and getting centre ground politicians talking about it. We need PR for voters, not for Nigel Farage.


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