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Parliament Is not fit to Self-Govern

The excellent Westminster Accounts package developed by Tortoise and Sky News provides yet another example of Parliament avoiding accountability through its legal right to govern itself. What has rightly been exposed is the confused nature of the way money flows in and out of political parties and individual MPS offices.

I am sure that more is to come from this in the next few days. PERsonally, I think there needs to be some clarity about where donations end up. Some times it is clear - the money that Boris Johnson, David Lammy and Theresa May have received is clearly earnings. But what about the many other donations that have been received. Sky News focuses on donations from MPM Connect to a number of Labour MPs and the confusion that still surrounds the source of those donations. But I think some clarity about whether that goes into office costs, or something else, or into individual pockets is something that isn't clear. I think that clarity is important because there are many people that still feel that MPs expenses is money that they just pocket, when in truth much of that is office costs.

Here at Change from the Centre we are campaigning for structural change in politics, as well as on the need for Proportional Representation. One aspect of the change that is needed is to change the principle that Parliament should be allowed to govern itself. It has become quite clear for many years that this is only resulting in moral abuse of the system.


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